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Macromedia Flash Animations

If you cannot view the animations you may not have Macromedia's Flash Player plugin installed on your computer. Not sure? Click HERE; if a page opens up with a clock, then you're fine; if you get an error message you need a plug-in.

The plugin is free and is normally downloaded & installed automatically. You can download and install Flash Player manually using the instructions on Macromedia's site. Just click on the logo below, or go directly to Macromedia's get-flashplayer site.

If you experience problems viewing flash animations in Microsoft Internet Explorer, try a different browser: Mozilla Firefox. It's free, fast, and it's safe. Click on the logo below or this link: Mozilla Firefox. Once you install this browser (it's quick and painless) it will automatically ask you to install the Flash plug-in next time you try to open one.

Adobe Acrobat (PDF) Files

If you don't already have it you should get the free Acrobat reader from Adobe. Not sure? Click HERE; if a writing exercise for the letter alif opens up then you have it; if not, you'll get either an error message or an option to download this plug-in.

To download the free plug-in manually click on the logo below or go directly to Adobe's get-reader site.

Pop-up Windows and JavaScript

If you cannot view the pop-up windows (not sure? Open a test pop-up window by clicking HERE; if it opens you're fine) make sure "enable javascript" is selected in your browser's preferences [show me how], and that you don't have pop-ups blocked for the Arabic Program site. Also, please be aware that if there's more than one pop-up window in a page it is best to close each window before opening the next one.

Windows XP SP2 Active Content Restrictions

If you have downloaded SP2 (Service Pack 2) for Windows XP your Internet Explorer browser is probably warning you every time you access a page with flash animations, PDF files, or any other active content. You can just click on "allow active content" every single time, or you can add this website ( to your "trusted sites", for which you may set the security level at "low", thus bypassing the constant warnings. If you're not sure how to change your security settings in IE, here are detailed instructions. Better yet, switch to Mozilla Firefox (see note and link above).