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The materials listed here are primarily authentic Arabic language materials. While it can be challenging to completely understand authentic materials, it’s important to familiarize yourself with Arabic outside of the classroom to get ready for your real life interactions in Arabic! Give these resources a listen/read!

There are also resources to help you evaluate your own oral proficiency in Arabic as well as other helpful tools such as a websites to help you type in Arabic and translation websites. 

Diwan elArab is an Arabic Youtube channel that has a compilation of videos for Arabic songs, movies, cartoons, documentaries, cooking, among other topics that pertain to Arabic language and culture.

The goal of this channel is to provide students with an external resource to watch and listen to Arabic materials outside the classroom and open students' eyes to the diversity of the Arabic world and culture, and at the same time, to give them the chance to delve into that culture and explore this world on their own. 

Learning Resources

This link will lead to a site that has a large collection of Arabic literary and cultural magazines from a range of different Arab nations. The magazines range from 1880 all the way to 2010; however, the site is all in Arabic. Also, it is currently being developed, so please be patient if the site is running slow.

This is a link to a YouTube channel. Hayley Smith is an Arabic teacher at Boston Latin Academy, and she developed this channel based on her experiences during a summer in Amman. On this channel, there are over a 70 short films that can help you develop your language skills, and this is a great way to learn more about Arabic culture.

This is the first book in a series of new stories for children written in colloquial Arabic. This edition is in the Shami dialect (Palestinian/Jordanian/Lebanese/Syrian).

The Qatar Foundation International (QFI) created this site, and it provides a terrific platform for you to discover free resources to help you develop your Arabic language skills. The site is intended to be “the source” (literal definition of Al-Masdar) for language teaching materials, opportunities, and news/events relevant to Arabic teachers and students.

Al Jazeera news has developed this special news site to fit the needs of Arabic language learners. This site has resources that can help you read news stories in Arabic, and it even has pages that will help with your basic grammar rules. However, this site is still developing, so please be patient because the site should have more resources soon.

This site can be used to evaluate your oral proficiency in Arabic. The free online tutorial helps students understand and improve their level of proficiency with Arabic. By using this site, you have the ability to self-assess your own skills and set language learning goals for yourself. The tutorial also includes authentic examples of students speaking Arabic at different levels, tips and resources to help improve your overall proficiency, and student descriptions of how studying abroad can greatly increase your language learning ability.

This site is a resource that can be used to learn Arabic, and it tailors to your specific needs regardless of your background in studying Arabic. However, this site is not free, and a subscription is required. If you are willing to pay, this can be a very useful resource. The best use for a college student studying Arabic is to use this subscription over the summer if you do not have enough time to devote to an actual Arabic class here at UIUC. This site contains many different resources such as flash cards and live lessons that will help you stay current with your Arabic language development.

This site is amazing for helping students with typing in Arabic. The site works by typing in the English approximation of the Arabic letter, and then selecting from a list of options you would like to use. This site is best used when you would like to look up a definition of an Arabic word. However, this site would not be useful if a student is writing something longer than one word at a time.

Google Translate can be very useful in finding the definitions of certain words, but students should be careful because these translations may not always be correct. Usually, when searching one word at a time, this site can be very helpful. However if a student’s hope is to write a paper or even a simple paragraph in English and then have Google translate it to Arabic, the student may likely receive an incorrect or unnatural translation. For example, a student may hope to say, “I can ride a bike,” and the translation may interpret the word “can” as an actual metal can instead of the verb the student hoped for. As a result, this site should be used as a type of Arabic-to-English or English-to-Arabic dictionary by searching one word at a time.


Arabic Crossword Puzzle:

Charming Arabic illustrated words:


News Channels in Arabic

The following are a list of Arabic News Channels. You can watch these channels in the Communications Library (810 S. Wright Street, Urbana. Greogry Hall, Room 122). If you don't see these channels on a TV, please ask for them, and the TVs will be reset.

Al Jazeera (literally “The Island”) is a broadcaster network, which is funded by the House of Thani, the ruling family of Qatar. It is based in the Qatar’s capital city of Doha, and it is most comparable to the American broadcast network CNN. Even though the Qatar government owns the network, the network officials state that they are editorially independent of the government. The slogan of the network is, “The Opinion and the Other Opinion.” The news program has done a good job in the eyes of many to back up this claim. At many times, Al Jazeera’s news coverage has been said to be superior to the American news coverage by many individuals. In fact, Hillary Clinton once stated, “Al Jazeera has been the leader in that [they] are literally changing people’s minds and attitudes” (Clinton). Despite the network’s claim to present both sides of the debate equally, the network is still accused of being pro-American. News stories are also published on the company's web page. The web page can be accessed by clicking on Al Jazeera English - Live US, Europe, Middle East, Asia, Sports, Weather & Business News.

Purpose: Gain general knowledge of the current news topics occurring in the Middle East.

Region: Middle East

Audio: 88.7 fm

This is a branch of the Al Jazeera network, and it is also base in Doha, Qatar. This channel is most comparable to the American network ESPN because both are 24 hour sports networks.  The channel also broadcasts certain football (soccer) leagues across the Middle East (i.e. English Premier League and La Liga). Also, the Al Jazeera main website has an entire page devoted to sports: Sport - Al Jazeera English.

Purpose: Watch current worldwide sporting events and related news stories.

This channel is another program that brings 24/7 sports coverage to the Middle East. It is based in Dubai, United Arab Emirates, and the network started as a way to show sports news around the country. Now, it has grown to show sports worldwide. The channel broadcasts several different tennis tournaments and the ever popular German football league Bundesliga.

Purpose: Watch current worldwide sporting events and related news stories.

BBC Arabic is a news channel that is broadcast to the Middle East by BBC World Service. It is very similar to the other BBC networks broadcasted around the world, and its purpose is to provide news coverage to the Arab world. This channel is seen as a competitor to Al Jazeera. The highlight of the channel is the Newshour, which is an hour-long news broadcast that occurs twice a day, and this broadcast highlights the top stories of the day. BBC correspondents around the world cover these stories.

Purpose: Gain general knowledge of the current news topics occurring in the Middle East.

Al Arabiya (literally “The Arab One”) is a pan-Arab television news channel that broadcasts news in Modern Standard Arabic. Pan-Arab means that the news channel spreads across and unifies the entire Arab world. The channel is based in Dubai Media City, and the majority owner is the Saudi broadcaster Middle East Broadcasting Center.  The channel carries news, current affairs, financial markets, sports, talk shows, and documentaries. The Saudi government established Al Arabiya to be a direct competitor of Al Jazeera (see above) because Al Jazeera had routinely reported harsh criticism about the Saudi royal family. The web page for this network can be found here: Al Arabiya News | Front Page.

Purpose: Gain general knowledge of current news, business, and sports stories.