Arabic 201: LESSON 3
Grammar 1: The Plural

There are three types of plurals in Arabic: regular masculine, regular feminine, and irregular plural. In this lesson, you are going to be introduced to these three types, but again this is not intended as a complete list of rules and exceptions, and as you develop your language skills you will need to update these rules. Before we discuss the types of plural, there are some facts that you should know.

  1. Use the plural forms to refer to three or more objects. If there are two objects, you will need to use another form called the dual that we will discuss in other lessons.

  2. If there is a group of people that are both men and women, you use the masculine form (even if these is only one male in the group).

  3. There are plural forms for both nouns and adjectives, and there are rules for agreement between the noun and the adjective. For example, if the noun is plural, the adjective is plural too.

  4. You might find some nouns that have more than one plural form. That is not surprising because there are slight differences in meaning.

  5. In English there are no plural forms for mass nouns such as oil, butter, and alcohol. All these words have plurals in Arabic because the plural would refer to different types of oils or drinks.

Regular masculine plural Regular feminine plural Irregular (broken) plural


USING THE PLURAL (coming soon)

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